If you enjoy breathtaking scenery combined with lesser crowds than  Lofoten then perhaps Senja might be the perfect place for you. I've been to Senja in the summer of 2018 and 2019...still there are so much more to explore so I hope to go back soon!



Senja offers some truly spectacular opportunities for photography...if you are considering going to Senja and follow any social media you are probably very familiar with some of the most popular places. Some places are very easy to get basically just step out of your car whilst other demand a little bit more of an effort.


The beach at Ersfjord is a stunning place surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in Senja. If you prefer to camp at one location Ersfjord is an ideal location as it is pretty near most places you are likely to have on your bucket list. For accommodation Ersfjord offers great spots for setting up tents or sleeper vans. I've spent quite a few days in a tent at Ersfjord which is very comfortable as there are both toilet and shower to use.

We drove 1600km from Stockholm to Senja over two days to enjoy the incredible views...not everyone was as impressed at first...but later in the evening even Loke could enjoy the views.

Segla is probably one of the most popular mountains on Senja...and for a good reason. One option is to simply walk/climb Segla itself which is a really nice with beautiful views. You have probably seen quite a few pictures of Segla and many of those, above right, are actually taken from...So if you want catch this shot you should walk up from the...

One option is to climb all the way up to...and enjoy the views from which are beautiful as well, above left. Then you can climb down and catch some 'close-ups' of the wall of Segla. If you 'only' want catch this view of Segla or are a bit short of time you don't need to climb all the way up to Hesten first.

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